Addressable Geo Fencing

Addressable Geo Fencing brings you a powerful, efficient, and accurate way to target specific households and neighborhoods with digital advertising.

Addressable Geo Fencing is the most effective way of farming a specific neighborhood – more effective than other marketing efforts that target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution, Addressable Geo Fencing makes all household targeting efforts more effective.

This is How it Works:

  1. A specific neighborhood(s) provided by the real estate agent are uploaded into the platform.
  2. The addresses are then matched against plat line data to collect the exact physical location, size and shape of the individually matched addresses.
  3. The system then Geo Fences each matched address to collect and target users specific only to that distinct address location.
  4. Audiences at every single address are updated on a daily basis.

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Geo Fencing targets users based on physical locations they have been. It offers the ability to record Geo Conversions, which is when a user has been targeted with a display ad and then visits the predetermined conversion zone. Real estate agents can target a custom, niche audience out of users who attend a specific event during a predetermined time window and serve ads to those users after the event. How awesome is that?

This is How it Works:

A virtual Geo Fence is traced around a neighborhood where real estate agents want to build an audience based on user visits to a particular location during a period of time. When a user enters the Geo Fenced location during that time frame, they will become part of an audience that can be targeted with display advertisements from real estate agents.